The Old One Returns

Brother Bernardo had been working hard in the training room of the Silent Pond.
His work on the Iron Fist technique had been going well at first but
now he was struggling and it was beginning to annoy him.
Annoyance was not a good trait in a Monk so he sat down to meditate to
rid himself of the irritation.
After only a few minutes of relaxation techniques he was interupted by
a knock at the door of the guild house.
As the door opened Bernardo was confronted by the oldest man he'd ever
seen who wasn't bed-ridden, dead or undead.
The wisened old man was dressed in a thread bare kimono which swamped
his small frame in a rather ridiculous fashion.
The man leaned heavily on a twisted staff which was at least as old as he was.

"Erm....Hello?" asked Bernardo
"I'm back!"
"You're ba...."
"Yes I'm back. I heard that you needed me."
"Since the guild is leaderless I thought I'd come back."

Bernardo stared at the man in disbelief.

"Well that's very good of you. But just who are you?"
"I' that is a good question.
It has been a while since I was last here.
Where is here by the way?" asked the Old Man
"This in the guild house in Torlia"
A moment of clarity spread across the elderly monk's craggy line filled face.
"Ah yes Bereny.  That's nice I was meaning to come back here.  What year is it?"

Bernardo pointed to the calendar on the far wall.

"Ah I see. A few years later than I thought but near enough."
"This is all very interesting but I must ask again. Who are you?"
queried Bernardo.
"That's a more complex question than you think.  For now just call me
the Old One.
Now where are my rooms?"