Guild Halls

L 0 0
Most guildhalls are buildings and structures of solid stone. Not so, the guildhall of the Brotherhood of the Silent Pond. They make their base around the shore of a small but beautiful pool of crystal water. Not the original Silent Pond, to be sure, but a placid and calm place to contemplate called a ‘Silent Pool.’ I stand before this particular Silent Pool, upon the smooth sand, which surrounds it. Despite the hustle and bustle of the rest of the courtyard all around, here the sounds are muted to near-silence. This is an island of serenity in a world of chaos. To find out more about the Silent Pond simply meditate here and wait for a monk to come and enlighten you. To do so use the order 'L 2 0' while standing on the 'pool' guild square. If you are already a member and wish to find out what additional services are available to you, use the order 'L 3 0'. To find out about services available to all use the order 'L 5 0'.

 L 2 0
I sat down upon the smooth sand and meditated before the Silent Pool. It was very relaxing. Pleasantly, a young monk in a plain brown robe came and sat beside me. He began to tell me about the guild, while always staring out across the pond as he spoke. "Nobody knows when the temple was built or who built it. Legend says it has been there, somewhere in the spirit mountains, since before the Time of Thunder. The few people who have actually seen the temple tell there is nothing but a very old building, a few trees and a pond with chilly waters. It was in that remote setting that old master Kata started to teach a few disciples how to perfect both body and mind. That was the beginnings of the Brotherhood of the Silent Pond. When some monks started to leave the mountains and travel from town to town in the days of King Eustace I, people were impressed. Monks from other temples had passed through, but none so wise or skilled. Of course, many wanted to go to learn the skills when they saw the simple but full life that the monks led. However, the path back to the temple is a closely guarded secret and few could find the way, many getting lost in the mountains and presumed dead. So the few original disciples of master Kata, who had become masters themselves, started to teach their own disciples into the ways of the Brotherhood of the Silent Pond. Like a tree grows many branches so the Brotherhood grew in number until they gained the status of 'guild' in the lands of Bereny. Indeed, to this very day they walk the Kingdom, teaching the ways of their ancient master, seeking perfection of body and mind." The Brotherhood of the Silent Pond is an exclusive guild, meaning that members cannot join or be a member of any other guild. Only Monks are allowed to petition membership in the Brotherhood. Members of the Guild gain two special items, the Silent Pond Kimono (a cotton garment 'specially designed for martial combat. The Kimono also magical/spiritual properties whose origins are not truly understood, but very welcome) and the Silent Pond Bo Staff (a melee weapon that members of the Brotherhood can use to great avail.)

 L 3 0
 The Brotherhood of the Silent Pond is the only route for monks to learn the lost art known as the Shinakata.  This involves the use of a special pair of swords called the shinaka.  It is possible to use the shinaka without the skill, but for use at their full potential, the skill is vital.  To learn the shinakata skill, a monk must have a minimum of 13 dexterity.  The cost is 2000 in XP.  To learn the skill here issue the order ‘X’ ‘1314’.  To purchase the twin swords known as the Shinaka use the order ‘L’ ‘4’ (the cost is 200 gp)  Shinaka are only sold to members of the Brotherhood.

Members are also able to purchase the fabled book of Master Kata, for the sum of 484 GP’s, using the order ‘X’ ‘3331’

L 5 0
The BSP have a secret process of magical tattoos, although this service is only available to Monks. Tattoos can be purchased using temporary or permanent ink. Temporary tattoos have a 25% chance per turn or wearing off (they can even run out on the turn they are purchased if you are very unlucky), while permanent tattoos last forever.

The tattoos currently available are:-

Dragon's Eye, temporary for members, 25 GPs, order 'L 20'.
Dragon's Eye, permanent for members, 420 GPs, order 'L 21'.
Dragon's Eye, temporary for non-members, 100 GPs, order 'L 22'.
Dragon's Eye, permanent for non-members, 1200 GPs, order 'L 23'.
Mystic Tiger, temporary for members, 25 GPs, order 'L 24'.
Mystic Tiger, permanent for members, 420 GPs, order 'L 25'.
Mystic Tiger, temporary for non-members, 100 GPs, order 'L 26'.
Mystic Tiger, permanent for non-members, 1200 GPs, order 'L 27'.