A Guild for Monks in Bereny

The Brotherhood of the Silent Pond was created a long time ago. Nobody knows the exact date, but judging from some old documents, it was already active when the demons attacked the land during the Time of Thunder but not before Gorm Ironhand united the tribes of Bereny.

In the beginning, there was only an old man who lived alone in a small hut by a small pond somewhere in the Spirit Mountains. Then travellers started to tell stories about how they had seen the old man talking to the pond or fighting against the wind, and everybody laughed at the poor crazy old man from the pond.

One day, a caravan coming from Derwent with some very needed supplies was attacked by many ogres, not far from the old man's hut. The humans were outnumbered and had no hope to escape alive. But much to their surprise, the crazy old man from the pond jumped out of nowhere and started punching and kicking the ogres so fast they barely could see the fight. The critters tried to kill him, but they could not, and one by one they fell unconscious or dead, until the last ones ran away screaming. Before the humans could thank him, though, the old man had vanished.

Soon everybody in the region was talking about the old man, not calling him crazy anymore, but praising him as a hero. Although the hut was not an easy place to reach, young men started to visit him asking for lessons and advice. The old man accepted all who were really open to his lessons, taught a couple of them at first, then another one, and a couple more, and so on. Soon the hut was not a hut anymore, the pupils built more rooms and several people were living there. A brotherhood was born, and the old man, who was actually a monk, became the first Master of the Silent Pond. His name was Master Kata.

Since this time Master Kata has disappeared and the latest in the line of Silent Pond leaders is the mysterious Old One.

Guild Information

Guild Leader
The Old One (Paul Senior)

All Monks and other classes which use the Monk's skill set can join up.

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